LawFlip’s 52 week Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

LawFlip's 52 week Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
LawFlip's 52 week Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Runtime: 41:01

Show Notes

52 straight weeks. Inspiring guests. Thinking about law and life differently than ever before. Taking you on that journey with me! You’ve journeyed with me through a lot: the infancy of Smith & Benowitz, personal struggles, a physical transformation, and the covid-19 pandemic. I’ve felt insanely inspired at times and not so much at others.

My partner Louis supported the LawFlip podcast concept. We’ve found it rewarding. It has generated leads and business opportunities for our firm. We’ve made new friends and we’ve learned a lot. We’ve also had a dedicated and amazing producer, Arian Tabibian. Arian is a 19-year-old phenom who has blessed us with his hard work, skill, and effort.

I’ve tried really hard for this show not to be about me. From its inception, I’ve always wanted the show to be about people I respect and admire. I’ve wanted it to be about people who provide value, maybe even inspiration to take the next best step in your life – personally, professionally, or otherwise. I’ve appreciated all of the wonderful guests we’ve had on the show.

I’ve also appreciated everyone who has listened, shared, subscribed, etc. I appreciate all the feedback (good, bad, and ugly). As I’ve said many times, I don’t pretend to know all the answers but am always looking for answers. I hope we’ve helped you find answers to some of your questions!

As always, I’m available to speak with anyone about anything – mental health, law, business, or otherwise. Human connection is critical for me. While I know we have to be happy with ourselves first, it’s often necessary to surround ourselves with positive and inspiring people. The LawFlip community is full of them and, if you watch this Year in Review video, it shows why I feel that is so important!

Please check this Year in Review episode out and follow us everywhere. It’s been a fun year of episodes and we look forward to producing more exciting content for you to enjoy. Happy holidays and nothing but love for all of you!

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LawFlip is a weekly podcast hosted by Benjy Smith and Louis Benowitz of Smith & Benowitz, a law firm serving employees and personal injury victims in Los Angeles and New York.

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