Ep 51: Ryan Wenger – Silicon Valley CEO

Ep 51:  Ryan Wenger - Silicon Valley CEO
Ep 51: Ryan Wenger – Silicon Valley CEO


Runtime: 32:31

Show Notes

Entrepreneur and recovering lawyer Ryan Wenger joins Benjy Smith for a truly inspirational episode. While in the midst of practicing law, Ryan had a transformational idea for people buying travel and built it out from the ground up. That idea originated as a consumer travel platform, and transformed into a corporate travel platform. More impressively, that idea became a company that was acquired by a much larger company in the middle of a pandemic when far fewer people are even traveling!

Ryan and Benjy discuss a whole gamut of topics, ranging from balancing entrepreneurial risk with financial security, leveraging connections, finding opportunities in times of adversity, and building a happy and productive business culture. The episode closes with the usual Deal and Legal Tip of the Week segments. So give this episode a listen and prepare to learn a lot of things—including how Ryan got 1 million users for his platform within the first week from sneaking into a party!

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