Ep 48: Sasha Solonin – Putting Everything in @Motion_LA

Ep 48: Sasha Solonin - Putting Everything in @Motion_LA
Ep 48: Sasha Solonin – Putting Everything in @Motion_LA


Runtime: 26:19

Show Notes

Sasha Solonin joins host Benjy Smith for another exciting episode of LawFlip. Sasha is only 24 years old, but you’d never know that based on his maturity and accomplishments. He’s a former NCAA Division 1 tennis player who works in commercial real estate at CBRE, and has quickly brought high end properties into his portfolio. He, along with Benjy, also co-founded
@motionla, a workout group that connects entrepreneurs through fitness. In this episode, Benjy and Sasha discuss how they met, the role of athletics and fitness on finding life structure and balance, the challenges of succeeding on your own in a commission-only business, and the importance of persistence in doing it. They also discuss the interplay between social media and people’s insecurities, how buying fake followers fits into that relationship, and embracing your skeletons in finding happiness. Finally, the episode closes with the usual Deal and Legal Tip of the Week segments. Remember to subscribe to the LawFlip YouTube channel so you never miss out on your weekly dose of enlightenment!

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