Ep 40: Guang Hong — Graduated Law School at 21!

Ep 40: Guang Hong — Graduated Law School at 21!
Ep 40: Guang Hong — Graduated Law School at 21!


Runtime: 33:49

Show Notes

Host Benjy Smith welcomes the one and only Guang Hong. Guang graduated law school at the age of 21 and does not have Instagram (not sure which is more rare!). After practicing in a larger law firm, Guang realized that he wanted to find a career he enjoyed more and, with the benefit of being young, went back to school and got a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University so he could transition into a non-legal career in the healthcare field. In their discussion, Benjy and Guang explore a range of topics, both professional and personal. Guang makes the case for having tons of patience and focus and for operating as a professional with a career without being miserable (a recurring theme on LawFlip!). Finally, Benjy and Guang each give their Deals and Legal Tips of the Week.

Connect with today’s awesome guest, Guang Hong:

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