Ep 23: Congressman Eric Swalwell — California’s 15th Congressional District

Ep 23: Congressman Eric Swalwell — California’s 15th Congressional District
Ep 23: Congressman Eric Swalwell — California’s 15th Congressional District


Runtime: 26:37

Show Notes

Congressman Eric Swalwell from California’s 15th congressional district joins Benjy and Louis for an incredibly special episode! We discuss the challenges of being a parent during a pandemic, the federal response, some of the difficulties that President Trump and Leader McConnell’s tactics present for House Democrats (and our system of checks and balances), access to justice, and responding to “me too” allegations. Everyone also gives their Deals and Legal Tips of the week. It’s a candid, conversational, and informative episode that you definitely need to check out!

Connect with today’s awesome guest, Eric Swalwell:

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